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Dr.Daniel Roth

Dr. Daniel Roth DC

Chiropractor and Owner

Dr. Daniel Roth DC received a bachelor's of science in business marketing from the University of Gannon in Erie, PA. Throughout his undergraduate schooling he was employed as a personal exercise trainer at a health and fitness center. Having a natural passion for exercise, martial arts, weight lifting and fitness, he pursued and graduated with a doctorate of chiropractic from Palmer Chiropractic College in Florida in 2008. After schooling, Dr. Roth, his wife Kathy and three sons, moved to Williamsburg, VA. Dr. Roth was fortunate to gain the experience as an associate/clinical director in three different chiropractic offices prior to starting his own practice in 2012. Dr. Roth opened his office in the New Town community of Williamsburg, and has since been voted "Best Chiropractor in Williamsburg" by the readers of the VA Gazette, Best Chiropractor in the Daily Press Choice Awards, as well as the Gold Winner "Best of" in the Readers Choice Awards of Coastal Virginia Magazine.  
Dr. Roth believes strongly that he can get patients better very quickly with his experience in chiropractic techniques, and he seeks to avoid unnecessary, expensive treatment options. He utilizes a combination of traditional chiropractic techniques, Impulse technology, massage therapy, physical modalities, and therapeutic stretching/exercise programs. Dr. Roth believes in providing efficient and affordable treatment with superior customer service in an upscale setting, all surrounded by a caring physician and friendly faces. If you are considering our office, Dr. Roth encourages you to come and see why we have been voted the Best Chiropractor in Williamsburg every year since opening. 


Dr. Paquette web

Dr. Jamie Paquette DC



Dr. Paquette was born and raised in Amherstburg, a small town located in Ontario, Canada. He attended the University of Windsor in Ontario and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. Dr. Paquette graduated Suma Cum Laude from Palmer Chiropractic School in Davenport Iowa. Dr. Paquette dedicated his life to healing others and passing along his knowledge. He believes that chiropractic treatment is the most sensible, affordable, and effective way to treat most common musculoskeletal conditions. His hobbies include golf and hockey, and spending quality time with Carly, the love of his life.  




Kathy Roth

Kathleen Roth

Owner / Financial Director

Kathy Roth was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania and is happily married to Dr. Roth.  They have three wonderful boys, Steven, Jesse, and Danny.  In their free time, they enjoy exercising, spending time outdoors, visiting with friends and family, as well as cooking healthy meals.

Kathy was introduced to chiropractic while suffering from debilitating headaches, caused from a serious automobile accident.  While receiving chiropractic care, Kathy was able to eliminate her headaches and live a pain-free lifestyle once again.  Kathy loves to share her story with others, so that they can discover how chiropractic may help them too.



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Alyssa Swearingen


Alyssa considers herself a Yorktown native. She has fond memories of the nine years she and her family lived in Hawaii while her father was stationed there with the US Army. Alyssa attended Old Dominion University, where she studied Exercise Science. Alyssa is a certified yoga instructor. In her free time she loves hiking, kayaking, mud runs, running, zip-lines and high rope courses. Greeting and interacting with our patients are two of Alyssa’s favorite things about being at WNBC.




Kelsie webKelsie Conger



Kelsie was born and raised in Boise, Idaho and grew up doing dance, cheerleading, gymnastics and was on the swim team. She attended Idaho State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. Kelsie was a member of Idaho state’s collegiate dance team for all four years of college serving as the captain for her junior and senior years. Kelsie’s husband is in the US Army, which brought them from Idaho to Virginia. She is a proud dog mom of Lily, a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix and Charlie, a Catahoula. In her spare time, she enjoys camping, hiking, swimming, and exploring Virginia. Kelsie is a wonderful asset to the team at Williamsburg Neck and Back Center and will always greet you with a warm smile and a genuine interest in making you feel comfortable and welcome.




Maggie Resized

Maggie George
Maggie was raised in an Air Force family and born in Misawa, Japan.  She grew up in Alice Springs, Australia and was always passionate about quality improvement in all aspects of life including personal health and fitness.  She graduated Suma Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration and is passionate about contributing to the fulfillment of high industry standards. In her free time, Maggie enjoys spending time with her husband and two beautiful daughters, as well as making detailed portraits through the process of pyrography (wood burning).  




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Sonja Brown
Patient Care Coordination Supervisor
Sonja Brown was born in El Paso Texas and raised in Germany and Washington state.  She recently moved to Williamsburg in May 2019. She graduated from Ashford University with a bachelor’s in health education. Sonja enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and sports in her spare time. She has served over 20 years in the Air Force and was fortunate to be able to travel and see Europe. It brings Sonja great joy to interact and help our patients as well as be involved in the success of their health journey.




Ligia FortLigia Fort

Patient Care Coordinator

Ligia was born as a “Navy brat” and has travelled the world growing up, eventually settling in Miami, FL.  She met her husband at a University of Miami football game, fell in love and moved to Williamsburg, VA.  Ligia has over 10 years’ experience as a physical therapy aide, 24 years as a plastic surgery coordinator and is passionate about patient care and customer service.  She has been blessed with a 28 year old son who is a graduate of Florida International University.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, her two yorkie fur babies, and making and sharing her world-famous delicious salsa!





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Kylie Adkins

Licensed Massage Therapist


Kylie grew up in North Canton, Ohio and has made Williamsburg her home for now over eight years. She graduated with an Associate’s degree in health science and a license in massage in 2013. Kylie has found massage to be a wonderful career and says that with massage, she can utilize her love of helping others in a way that demonstrates a personal connection to getting others to feel better. Kylie’s favorite techniques are trigger point and deep tissue massage. She loves spending time with her two boxers, Penelope, and Leo, as well as exercising, reading, cooking, and drinking lattes!




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I really don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for Dr. Roth. I can’t even say how many times I have gone in his office walking like Quasimodo, (Hunchback of Notre dame) due to back pain and came out walking upright and no pain. The other day I almost went to the emergency room due to neck pain and numbness from my face to my fingers. I could not even move my right arm. I knew the most I would get from the ER it pain medicine, so the next day I got in to see Dr. Roth. By the time I was walking out to the car, I was able to raise my arm up over my head. Anyone out there that is curious but just needs a push to have chiropractic care, Give Dr. Roth a chance! You will never know if he can help you if you don’t go see him. A 15 minute adjustment sure beats having to have surgery to relieve nerve pain.
Thank you Dr. Roth for letting me enjoy my life.

Darlene Dutt

I have suffered from fibromyalgia and small fiber neuropathy for almost ten years.My symptoms increased in intensity, even though I was on medication. Recently, while on a wonderful beach vacation, the pain in my neck became so bad I thought I was going to lose my mind. The day we returned, I made an appointment with Dr. Roth.
When you first enter his office, you are greeted by a kind receptionist in a low lighted room. It was very calming.
My treated involved heat, a rolling massage table, and adjustments by Dr. Roth. I then saw David, the physical therapist, who showed me stretches that would ease my symptoms.
I cannot say enough about the care I receive from Dr. Roth and his staff. they are caring people who are doing everything they can to make me feel better. After just one visit, I was amazed at how much more mobile and pain free I was. I am looking forward to my future visits.

Barbara Gambrell

I started going to Williamsburg Neck & Back in my second trimester of pregnancy because I had a shooting pain in my lower back. It would act up when I coughed and some other random times. Then I couldn’t sit cross-legged anymore & I started to feel it every step on my left side. I also sit at a desk all day & have poor posture so my neck needed some work from staring at a computer screen all day.

Dr. Roth estimated that I should start feeling relief by 6 adjustment sessions, coming twice a week. Lucky for me, my insurance even covered prenatal massage, so I would get adjusted and get an hour massage each visit. When I checked in today (7th visit since initial consult), I had no pain to report. The check-in computer system prompted me to complete a survey about back pain, and I was confused because I had just reported that I didn’t have any back pain. It wasn’t until halfway through the survey that I realized it was the same survey I completed 6 sessions ago grading the intensity of my back pain. I had totally forgotten about the shooting pain I used to feel. In fact, I haven’t had that back pain for a few sessions now, so it didn’t even take the full 6. My neck pain is gone too.

I plan to continue getting adjustments and massage at least for the remainder of my pregnancy. Thank you, Dr. Roth, Victoria, and everyone else at Williamsburg Neck & Back!

Darley T.

I am a 61 year old female and have been treated for Neck stiffness and Sciatica pain.I have used other Chiropractors in the past, without much relief. However,
Dr. Roth seems to understand my pain and within a short time of care I feel amazing.
He as well as, his staff are phenomenal, I feel that they really understand the body and care about you as an individual. I would highly recommend Dr. Roth.


I have never been to a chiropractor before but after hurting my back in a yoga class I was desperate to find relief. My insurance does not cover chiropractic but the office worked with me to make my visits affordable. They could not have nicer. After just 3 visits my pain was nearly gone. I was amazed and so grateful to Dr. Rotth and his staff. H


I was having nagging hip pain for a about 6 months while running. I tried many different treatments without success. Dr Roth had me diagnosed and running pain free within 2 weeks! His staff is also first rate. David and Barb are highly knowledgeable and helped me with proper stetching techniqes would highly recommend Dr. Roth and his staff to anyone having any kind of neck, back or hip problems.

Chris Hickey

I came to See Dr. Roth after injuring my back. I was impressed with his quick diagnosis and plan to put me back in shape. Within two weeks, my back was 95 percent better. I can finally sleep on my bed! Dr. Roth is caring and professional and I highly recommend him. His staff is the best. If your muscles are injured, his professional massage therapists can work wonders. All around a positive experience.

Tim N.

I recommend Dr. Roth and his team without reservation for all chiropractic care needs. Dr. Roth is everything you would want in a chiropractor: skilled, patient, and sincere. I feel he genuinely cares about me and my health. He carefully explains each procedure and patiently answers all my questions. We work together to address my discomfort issues.

Conveniently located in New Town, his staff is prompt, professional, and attentive. They work around my schedule in making appointments and frequently check on me when I am receiving heat therapy to make sure I am comfortable. I never feel rushed in this office, yet I am never kept waiting. The Williamsburg community is indeed fortunate to have him.

Jean F.

I've been under chiropractic care for 30 years. I can honestly say that Dr. Roth's treatment has been more effective than I've received from any other chiropractor. His manner and knowledge are excellent and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks!

Marjorie S.

Periodically, I have been a patient of Dr.Roth at Williamsburg Neck and Back after he started his practice in Virginia. I have had pain in my lower back for many years, and I have been to several chiropractors with no relief from the pain. I can truthfully say that since I have been going to Dr. Roth, my back as felt so much better. Dr. Roth and his staff are very professional and caring, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs chiropractic care.

JoAnn H.

Dear Dr. Roth, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work in your office these past few months for my internship. I've not only learned so much about what it takes to run your own practice, but I feel like I've been touched by you and your wonderful family. I can honestly say you're one of the most genuine and kind-hearted people I've ever met; it was such a pleasure working there. Williamsburg Neck and Back Center really is a gem in the rough!

Minh N.

After being a victim of a high-speed, rear-end collision, I was referred to this chiropractic care facility by my attorney. Let me begin by saying: This place definitively dispels any negative experience stories about chiropractic care that is circulating online.
When I walked into Dr. Roth's office for my initial consultation, I was greeted with a warm and sincere welcome. His entire staff was genuinely caring and did not treat me like just another patient. Further, his entire staff looks very professional, as does his office--and that's an understatement. Every room in Dr. Roth's office is calming and is therapeutic in itself.
After checking in using an awesome high-tech system, I met with Dr. Roth and he asked me about my injuries and any discomfort. He was very thorough and kind during the initial consultation. To be honest, I was expecting him to rush through the process and get me out of there as soon as possible; however, contrarily, he spent a lot of time with me to ensure every symptom was noted.
Immediately after the consult, he set me up for a few treatments. Most other chiropractors (that I've personally visited) will only talk to you on the first day, but Dr. Roth made sure I would feel better after the first session. He was concise and clear about his treatment plans and made me feel at ease about getting chiropractic care.

I waited, at most, one minute before a massage therapist walked into the room and worked on my spasms in my upper back. I was surprised as to how patient she was in dealing with my muscle spasms; she made sure to relieve the pain I was experiencing from the spasms. I could tell from previous experiences with massage therapy that she was highly skilled and experienced. What sealed the deal was that she was so kind and sincere.

In sum, everyone that works at Williamsburg Neck and Back Center is so kind, sincere, and patient. I never feel rushed. Dr. Roth and his team take their time with my treatments. Lastly, no matter how busy this place gets, someone is always checking in on you and making sure you feel comfortable. I love this place. I will continue praising this office and its staff. I highly recommend Dr. Roth's office if ever you need chiropractic care.

David L.

I am so impressed with your office. Thanks for getting me out of pain and for the wonderful massages (Colleen!). You guys are prompt, friendly, you explain everything in simple terms, and your customer service is out of this world. So glad I found you all! See you soon.

Diane C.

Dr. Roth and his staff were great! I came into the office with a slew of back problems and the doctor listened attentively and was invested in helping me resolve my issue. He listened to my questions and concerns and gave me the time a patient deserves while he asked the right questions and gave his professional opinion. I did not feel like a number or that I was being rushed in and out.

After utilizing the massage table and electric pulse therapy, we went through the first adjustments. The doctor thoroughly explained every step that he was doing and made sure that I was comfortable with everything. When I unconsciously resisted certain corrections, we found a technique that worked for both of us. Afterwards, he explained exactly what he thought was going on with my back and the treatment that he would like to do on follow up visits.

The remainder of my visits went very smoothly, and they were very receptive to making appointments around my schedule. The paperless, modern office was a joy as it was easy to pay, get electronic receipts, and get automatic appointment reminders via email or text.

Overall, I am pleased with the results and feel that the adjustments we made were a huge improvement on my back. If I had more time in Williamsburg (two-weeks), I'm sure we would have completely resolved my issue. I would highly recommend Williamsburg Neck and Back.

Clifford T.

Dr. Roth and his staff provide a welcoming environment on each visit. Dr. Roth listens well, patiently answers questions, and provides competent treatment in a kind manner. I am grateful for his work to relieve my chronic back pain. Thank you!

Dorothy B.

I've been seeing Dr. Roth for some time now, with back problems that have plagued me for most of my life. After treatment by him, I feel so much better, and for much longer periods, than I have with any other Chiropractor. When I moved to Richmond, I was unable to find a Chiropractor that could help me with the same expertise. So, I started driving the 62 miles one way to Newport News to see Dr. Roth when necessary. I'm glad he has moved to Williamsburg. It's a much shorter drive. Dr. Roth is friendly and personable, and an obviously caring Doctor, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for chiropractic care.

Wayne O.

This wonderful doctor is truly a "Miracle Man"! When I went to see him I could not stand up straight, had no balance, and waddled when I walked, so when Dr. Roth was recommended to me I really didn't plan to visit him, for I had never had any success from a chiropractor. My friend made an appointment for me anyway, and insisted that I just had to go, and now I feel like I owe her my life! After just one treatment I was able to stand straight, walk and not "waddle" and finally had my balance back, so now I don't bump into everything, and I feel like a new person. To think I had gone through this agony and pain for more than a year, and the only hope I had been given was that I would have to have a third back surgery, I really feel like Dr. Roth has performed a miracle. Thank you so much, Doctor. You are truly the GREATEST!!

Mickie C.

I lost almost complete movement in my neck from a car accident. From one treatment with Dr. Roth, I was able to fully turn my head left and right again. Amazing! Dr. Roth takes time to research, diagnose and treat each patient. Thank you Dr. Roth!

Debbie R

I know there is so much controversy between chiropractic and medical care, but if it were not for chiropractic I would still be in pain. A car accident left me with constant lower back pain. I tried everything from painkillers to preparing to have surgery. I heard stories from my friends who had surgery and to this day wish they never had it. So I decided to go to a chiropractor before the surgery and I am so thankful that I did. My back pains are gone and I am living my life to the fullest and pain free.

Jeff H.

I am a dancer and have had chiropractic care for various injuries and just general well being to keep my body from getting hurt. I had been to several other's claiming they could help and they didn't do anything for me.
Dr. Roth has set my knee straight with the impulse therapy, I can dance and have more range of motion in my knee. He also helped remove scar tissue from a previous injury in my foot with the help of ultrasound. I no longer have any pain. I also receive weekly adjustments from Dr. Roth to keep my body in alignment as it should be.
His staff is wonderful and always smiling. I'm always comfortable and I feel right at home. I'm so glad I found his practice and would recommend everyone to come see Dr. Roth and his staff.


I have only been going to Dr. Roth and his team for a little over a week. My results have been amazing. I was in so much pain from groin issues and muscle issues in my legs that I was in tears by the end of day. I feel like a new person! Groin issues were so much better after just three visits. Nancy and Kia are the best. Both are wonderful massage therapists. And Pooh is a delight. She prepares you for your treatment. Cannot say enough good things about Dr. Roth and his staff. They are all so very nice and really work with you to solve whatever issues you have. This is one doctors appt. I look forward to going to.

Claudine F.